Creation and formation

I only use genuine sea glass and eco-friendly materials for my art work. Sea glass, beach glass, mermaid tears, sea gems are formed by Mother Nature’s elements and forces. Most sea glass is from people and industries that have carelessly thrown or discarded there glass into the sea over several decades and centuries.

Discarded bottles, tableware, industrial leftovers, and glass from shipwrecks, ground up waste from the shipping industry all end up in our oceans. Mother Nature has tumbled the glass in the surf combined with the Ph of seawater and sand.

Where does all the glass in the ocean come from?

- Coastal communities

- Glass works

- Shipping industry

- Tourism

- Landfills

- Discarded rubbish

- Coastal erosion

Locating Sea Glass and Ideal Site

- Wind and direction

- Sun shade and colour

- Area on shore line

Colors and rarities

Extremely rare

- Black

- Grey

- Orange

- Red

- Teal

- Turquoise

- Yellow


- Aqua

- Cobalt blue

- Corn flower blue

- Citron

- Opaque white

- Pink

- Purple/Amethyst


- Amber

- Forest Green

- Golden

- Jade

- Lime Green

- Soft Blue

- Soft Green


- Brown

- Kelly Green

- White (Clear)